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In today's high speed operating environments, automated materials handling systems are essential.   utilizes PC and programmable logic controllers to manage the transfer of material throughout the plant.
offers easy integration with existing software systems. The graphical operator screens make for easy operation and can be easily configured with existing plant management systems to meet your particular requirements.
In the past,   has benefited from the experience & expertise in dealing with the following companies:


Rockwell Automation offers the broadest line of solutions for coordinated drive control. The combined products of Allen Bradley, Reliance Electric and Dodge provide more than 500,000 products to solve your system application challenges.
Rockwell provides engineered designs as well as pre-engineered packaged solutions for many specific applications. Rockwell's expertise encompasses process and machine control, data acquisition and material handling control systems.


The smart solution for complex automation concepts is the SIMATIC ET 200. And the PROFIBUS No. 1 open fieldbus system is the basis for integrated communication from field to cell level. Lower wiring costs, greater transparency, higher data security and flexibility are the main benefits for the user. 
On the one hand, it is perfectly integrated into SIMATIC, on the other hand it can also be operated on any PROFIBUS master, so this family offers every convenience and total flexibility. Trailblazing innovations combined with the strengths of SIMATIC ensure security of system investments for the future.

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